About Me

I love children's literature and as a primary school teacher have loved sharing it with the children I have taught. In more recent years I have worked as an LEA advisory teacher for English and then as a  primary English lecturer in ITE.

Numerous studies have demonstrated the clear link between reading for pleasure and academic success and I firmly believe in promoting reading in our schools and at home. Over the years the question I have been asked more frequently than possibly any other is 'Can you recommend a book to read with.......' It is for this reason that I have begun this blog. The hope is that through the use of  the 'labels' facility it will be fully searchable so that teachers can find titles that are suitable for specific year groups, that deal with particular themes or are good models  for grammatical features and linguistic devices.

It would be lovely to hear from teachers in the comments how they have used the texts I review and how children have responded to them so that this really does become an invaluable resource.

Thanks for reading,